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Supervised lets you seamlessly build and deploy your own language models while letting you customise every aspect of your deployments seamlessly.

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Explore, buy or sell your LLMs seamlessly with our integrated marketplace. Build private, paid or public models, all using Supervised AI.

					//Refer to official developers docs for complete API references//

API Endpoint = ""

Header Structure :

Key="Content-Type" ; Value="application/json"
Key="Authorization" ; Value="Bearer $YourAPIKey"

Request Structure :

  "prompt": "$WriteYourPromptHere.",
  "model": "$WriteYourModelKeyHere.",
  "botId": "$YourBotIDHere",
  "clientId": "1"


Get hands on your LLMs with just a single API call.

Start using LLMs that you built or purchased with just a single API call. Integrate it with your dev stack in seconds. No fancy codes, just clear output delivery. 

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We have built a reliable AI development workflow that is well-tested on every parameters to give your project the right scalability it deserves. 


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